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About Lahav Green Energy

Lahav began operating in the green energy industry in 2012 through its subsidiary Lahav Green Mountains. The company specialized in the development, construction, acquisition, holding, and management of photovoltaic power generation systems in Israel. These operations were later merged with the public company Solegreen, and Lahav’s holdings were sold in 2019 for ILS 44.4 million.

In March 2020, the company returned to the renewable energy industry and acquired a portfolio of installations for some ILS 54 million. Lahav currently holds some 89 photovoltaic installations in Israel with an aggregate capacity of 4.8 MW.

In April 2021, the company reported an investment of ~ILS 25 million by Noked Capital, which was invested by the company in the subsidiary, Lahav Green Energy. The investment was made according to a valuation of ~ILS 125 million (post-money), subject to the conditions and adjustments stipulated, with Noked Capital holding approx. 20% of the shares in Lahav Green Energy just before the IPO.

The transaction includes a mechanism whereby Noked Capital will receive a ~ILS 25 million non-marketable option which, just before the Lahav Green Energy IPO, will be converted into 20% of the shares of the company according to a post-money valuation of ~ILS 125 million.

The company is working to develop the operations it has acquired and to promote additional large-scale projects in the renewable energy industry, through acquisition of income-producing projects and land development.

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