Delek Israel

  • The company was founded in 1951.

  • There are some 238 Delek gas stations in Israel for the operation and/or supply of fuels . Around 195 “Menta” stores are operated at the gas stations, and the land of 53 of the stations is owned by the sister company Delek Properties.
  • The company employs ~2,000 employees, ~1,700 of whom at the gas and retail stations.

Delek Israel (Business)

  • Delek Israel is one of the four largest gasoline companies in Israel. Some 238 gas stations operate under the Delek brand, with Menta convenience stores and retail areas located at ~195 of the stations.

  • When Delek’s operations were split into two companies, Yoram Eyal was appointed CEO of Delek Israel. Yoram has vast knowledge and experience in all aspects of operations and retail in gas stations, and was formerly a senior officer at Paz for many years.